Clemson fans should be used to it by now.

The inexplicable loss. The impending collapse. The poor decisions. The dropped passes. The blown coverages. The missed field goals. The bad coaching.

These are the things that have kept the Clemson football program from achieving what it's capable of for two decades.

People always speak of the program's "tradition." That tradition, however, ended with the Clemson's last ACC championship in 1991. Two decades without a conference championship isn't tradition, it's failure.

And never has this failure been more evident than in Saturday's loss at Boston College. Clemson returned an interception for a touchdown on the Eagles' first possession and didn't find the end zone again, stalling in the red zone time and time again.

Chandler Catanzaro made just one of his three field goal attempts, further increasing the frustration caused by the Clemson offense.

Kyle Parker had one of his worst games in a Clemson uniform, throwing two costly interceptions on plays when he could have simply thrown the ball away. He completed just 21 of his 39 pass attempts. His lack of accuracy and poor decision-making are really starting to hurt the Tigers.

The receivers still aren't helping, though. They had trouble getting open against Boston College's zone coverage, and they are still dropping passes in crucial situations.

The lack of a passing threat makes it difficult for Andre Ellington to run the ball effectively. He carried the ball 14 times for just 42 yards against the Eagles.

Clemson still hasn't committed to the running game like it needs to, though. If you are not a threat to pass, the worst thing you can do is try to prove that you are. This is what Clemson has done game after game, wasted plays on the passing game that it doesn't have instead of giving ample opportunities to Ellington.

It won't get the chance to change that this week, however, as Ellington is out with a strained ligament in his leg. Just toss that injury onto the heaping pile of concerns there already are about this team.

So here's what the Clemson offense now throws at NC State this week: A nonexistent passing game, a running back (Jamie Harper) who is averaging less than 4 yards per carry this year, a quarterback who is running for his life on every play and making bad decisions in the process, and miserable play calling.

I'm sure the Wolfpack is quaking in its boots.