The Ole Miss athletic department has some explaining to do.

After Murphy Holloway presented the school with a list of South Carolina colleges he wished to be released to, the school granted him a release to every one...except for South Carolina and Clemson.

The nonrelease to South Carolina is understandable. The schools are in the same conference and would play each other at least once in each of Holloway's two remaining years of eligibility. Ole Miss released another player, Malcolm White, to conference foe LSU last year and would probably like to limit any further littering of the SEC with its former players.

But why not Clemson? These schools are not likely to face each other in the next three years, and there seems to be no legitimate reason for Ole Miss not to release Holloway to the Tigers. The Rebels are just as likely to play Winthrop or Charleston in the coming years, yet they granted him a release to these schools.

My opinion? Ole Miss is on a power trip, utilizing what ability they have to prevent another power conference team from improving. Rarely do you see a team refuse to release a player to another team that will have little to no effect on the original team's next few seasons. But leave it to the jerks at Ole Miss to buck that trend.

For what it's worth, Holloway will appeal the school's decision regarding Clemson and South Carolina, and the Tigers have a better shot of being allowed to pursue him. We'll see what happens.