After its loss to Boston College, Clemson's fleeting hopes of defending its Atlantic Division title no longer rest in its own hands.

The Tigers must win out (obviously) and need Florida State, NC State, and Maryland to each lose at least two more times.

I don't think anybody would dispute that a phony Maryland team that Clemson beat by 24 points will lose two more games, but finding losses for the Seminoles and Wolfpack may be tougher.

Clemson can take care of half of these losses as they take on the Pack and the Noles the next two weeks, but at what point can both of these teams stumble again?

Enter North Carolina, the last hope for Clemson to salvage the season and miraculously find its way back to the ACC Championship Game.

The Tar Heels still have to play both Florida State and NC State, and wins against both, coupled with a possible, albeit unlikely, three-game win streak for Clemson, would undoubtedly land the undeserving Tigers in the ACCCG.

North Carolina (5-3, 2-2 ACC) has been inconsistent this year, and it's hard to know what you're going to get from the Tar Heels. But they are all Clemson has to rely on (other than itself, which has been pretty unreliable).

What we know about North Carolina is that they are good on defense, despite playing without many of their top players this season. We also know that they are decent on offense with playmakers at receiver and a tough running game.

We also know that every Clemson fan needs to share their allegiance with the Tar Heels in the coming weeks.