Clemson forward Devin Booker announced Thursday that he would remain at Clemson after entertaining transfer offers from several other schools.

The rising sophomore was reportedly pleased with his conversation with new head coach Brad Brownell and decided to stay in lieu of sitting out a year to play at another school.

Older brother Trevor and other teammates, including Jerai Grant, were also helpful in convincing Devin to stay.

While Oliver Purnell's departure may have helped to secure Booker's return, it didn't help the Tigers keep their hands on star recruit Marcus Thornton.

After requesting out of his commitment to Clemson, Thornton has been bombarded with scholarship offers from some of college basketball's biggest powers.

Thornton has narrowed his list of schools to eight: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, and Michigan.

This doesn't necessarily bode well for Clemson, although Thornton is reportedly still partial to the Tigers. Clemson's fate will likely rest on an in-home visit from Brad Brownell.